Injured Parts

Author: Stephanie Meadows - [email protected]
Route: Tweaked Unit
Category: Departed
Submitted: 21 Jan. 2015

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Under the tutelage of Wes Allen during the 2006 Johnny Alex Trail Day, Stephanie Meadows equipped the route, and Wes took the FA honor. The name, although it speaks to Stephanie’s injured finger at the time of bolting, honors the late and great Terry Kindred. Known for his hyperboles and his bawdy statements, Terry left us with a lifetime of quotes and laughter. This particular name comes from a Team Suck climbing day at Military Wall. While Terry was on a break in the woods, Stephanie was struggling to get to the anchors on Into the Light. Taking a whip off the route with a scream so loud that the squirrels fled the area (some say this is the moment Mark Jackson's hair turned gray), Terry ran out of the woods and exclaimed, “Meadows! You tweaked my unit!!” The end.