Origin Stories, Epics, and Memoirs of Climbing Routes

RouteHistory.com preserves written and oral history of climbing routes submitted by developers, climbers, and friends.

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Keeping History, Tradition, and Humor

RouteHistory.com is a project to record and archive the history around rock climbing routes. In the beginning, it will focus on the background of the route's name, and the stories of epics surrounding it.

It is a side project of BadBolts.com, the online bolt reporting and maintenance database.

For more info, or to request an invite for the beta, email [email protected]

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Our Climbing Community History

Route Name Origins

Every wonder how a route got its name?

Read Origin Stories


Close calls, near hits, near misses and all things epic.

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Good stories about friends, family, climbing, everything

Read Memoirs


First account stories about climbers no longer with us

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How To Submit a Story


  • You can only attach a "Story" to routes that are in the BadBolts.com database. This allows us to only have to maintain only one set of data. That way, the stories can always be maintained.
  • If the route you want to write a story about isnt in the database (full list here), You can add it here over at BadBolts.com OR just email me [email protected]


  • To add a "Story", you first need to find the route to attach it to. The Routes Page currently has all the routes in our database. You can also drill down from the state level starting on the States Page


  • If you have any problems, errors, questions, anything... Drop me an email at [email protected]

Help Record Climbing History

Help archive oral and written stories in our rock climbing community before we forget them!